“growing healthy, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food”
“improving the quality of food for people everywhere”
We believe it is every person’s basic human right to have access to quality, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food and the health benefits it provides for yourself and your loved ones. But the sad reality is that for many people in today’s world, this is only a dream.  

We are dedicated to making this dream a reality for as many people as possible. To help achieve this, we have partnered with the
who shares our vision.
We invite you to join us and become a Founding Member 
If you want to:
  • Improve your health by eating healthy, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food
  •  Fast-track your path to becoming a successful gardener
  •  Eat food you can trust because you have grown it yourself and learned what to look out for
  •  Explore the essential “keys” to growing nutrient-rich food
  •  Be part of a “fellowship of gardeners” from around the world
  •  Get direct access to the experience of our kiwi gardeners team
  •  Help us to do the research and experiments needed to help gardeners everywhere become successful at growing quality, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food.
When you join the Discovery Garden Circle you will:
  • Experience a friendly, supportive “fellowship of gardeners” by joining our private community (on Facebook)
  •  Discover the “keys to achieving nutrient-rich food” by getting access to podcasts & educational videos produced by kiwi gardeners
  •  Get your important questions answered by participating in discussion groups facilitated by our kiwi gardeners’ team
  •  Receive updates on our research projects and experiments as they happen
  •  Be on the leading edge of the “healthy food revolution” by supporting and, if you are inspired to, directly engaging in our research projects and experiments
  •  As a Founding Member of the Discovery Garden Circle, be welcome to visit us, either through the virtual tours we will be offering or in person, if you are journeying to New Zealand.
The Value of the Discovery Garden Circle
We have been growing quality food for decades in New Zealand, with our strong values and attitudes, which we look forward to sharing through the Discovery Garden Circle:
  • Just getting on with it and doing what needs to be done
  •  Always looking for the most straight forward, low cost, practical solutions to any problem
  •   Looking deeply into what the root causes of any given problem are and looking for truly enduring solutions
  •  Not simply copying information from others, as is common in this internet age. We investigate, design experiments of practical relevance to gardeners both here and around the world, then undertake garden trials in “living laboratories” – with real plants in real, functioning gardens
  •  From our position living on unique islands in the South Pacific, absolutely understanding and working with the fact that every ecology and every garden is unique, and always allowing for this when helping others to achieve their goals.
We ask for a small contribution of $27 a year to help support us in our work with the Discovery Garden Circle:
  • Helping you become a successful gardener, growing healthy, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food in ways that care for the environment and give you confidence in the food you eat 
  •  And undertaking the important research and practical experiments needed to help gardeners everywhere to succeed, and to improve the quality of food for people in all corners of the world.
We invite you to JOIN US NOW and help make a positive difference for yourself, your family, gardeners everywhere and the Earth.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
If, in the first 90 days of being part of the Discovery Garden Circle, you decide for any reason that you do not wish to continue being a member, we guarantee to refund your contribution in full.